HP Pavillion g6 Disassembly/ Fan cleaning

So i realised my Laptop kept getting hot even when i was doing very simple tasks so i decided to disassemble it and give the fan and vents a proper cleaning.

As you can see below, the temperature went as high as 73c just browsing the net and watching movies.



Lets begin
1st of all you need some tools

A small – medium paintbrush (plastic bristles)

Small and Medium Phillips Screw Driver

Small Flat head screw driver

yeah the cell phone was a joke but doing all this work you may need some music


Now its time to get down to business

1st remove your battery
Then unscrew the panel Covering The RAM, HDD WIFI adapter etc (you will need to use the flat head to help prise up the side exposed after removing the battery

Next you remove the RAM module(s)

Then Remove your hard drive




_DSC6474 _DSC6476 _DSC6477 _DSC6481 _DSC6486

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, remove the wires connected to the wifi adapter (be very gentle here as you may damage it) remove the screws after….then the adapter (obviously lol)


Remove the screws on around the base of the machine; then remove the screw securing the Optical drive as indicated in the two last pictures in the set below._DSC6497 _DSC6498 _DSC6499 _DSC6502 _DSC6503

Now its time to remove the Keyboard…but not so fast there is a little work to be done.

Right nearby the Wifi adapter you removed; there was a screw with a keyboard symbol beside it…yeah you guessed it take that guy out then do what is illustrated in the pictures that follow the one directly below this one.

_DSC6501 _DSC6505 _DSC6507 _DSC6508 _DSC6509 _DSC6511 _DSC6513 _DSC6516 _DSC6517

If you look carefully at the picture below, you will see 6 screws you need to remove in order to get this top panel off. Go ahead and take em out.

~ Side Note By now you should have figured out you should be grouping and labeling your screws (yes i deliberately didn’t say anything until now so you could learn from this mistake if you plan to do this again or disassemble another laptop)_DSC6520

Now its time to remove these little flex cables by lifting up the latches that secure them and then gently pulling them out by the little plastic attachment on them as illustrated below_DSC6529 _DSC6541 _DSC6540 _DSC6537 _DSC6533 _DSC6532

After doing all that above you should be all set right?

Wrong there was a hidden screw at the base of the machine i forgot to remove earlier (gave me hell to figure out what was holding in the bottom left corner of the panel too -_-)

So just remove that screw and two more from where you removed the optical drive and you will be good to go_DSC6528_DSC6547_DSC6548_DSC6551_DSC6552

Well hi there dirty fan

Ok back back to business. Remove the cable that connects the LCD to the mainboard as indicated in pictures 2-4.

Now, remove the screws shown in picture 1 and repeat this process for the right section of the screen. Then lift it up and outward (watching out for those little wires that were connected to the Wifi adapter._DSC6558_DSC6559_DSC6560_DSC6561_DSC6564_DSC6565

Now you once “whole” g6 should look something like this





Locate the section in the image below and remove those 3 screws. Pull it outward to separate it from the mainboard._DSC6569 _DSC6572

Now its time to remove the speakers

Remove the connection as shown below then just pull the speaker module out and up. You should then trace the connected wire over to the other side and do the same to that speaker._DSC6573 _DSC6574 _DSC6575 _DSC6576

now flip over and remove this little connection shown below by pulling upward gently but firmly


(yeah my fingernails are now “greenish” i was cooking in between)_DSC6582

You are now free to lift out the mainboard and start working on the fan.

Remove the 4 screws securing the heatsink on top of the processor

then remove the screw as indicated in the second picture below

separate the fan connection from the mainboard as shown in image 3 below
_DSC6583 _DSC6585 _DSC6584

Remove the whole cooling system and then unscrew the 4 tiny screws around the fan as shown below._DSC6586



Oh cr4p look at that

dust was clogging up the airway (lol i wasn’t surprised this is the second time i have done this to my machine in 6 months)


Proceed to use the Paintbrush to clean the vents and fan being as gentle as you can so as to not damage or bend anything_DSC6587



Well thats all folks thanks for reading. Now all you have to do is retrace your steps to reassemble your machine~ Good luck with that

Below are the new Temperature readings for my system. Do you spot any differences?


Feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback


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  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.e.cameron Earl Cameron

    Near complete disassembly! You know canned air could also work?

  • http://www.eoptionsonline.com/ Albert Gray

    Amazing, you have mentioned each and every step in a systematic way of HP Pavillion g6 Disassembly/Fan Cleaning.However Hp is a very well known brand product.Thanks for such a nice post.

    • Mikhail Nehru Jathan

      No problem man…i try to be as thorough as i possibly can. hope it will come in handy to readers one day

  • Guest

    I’m a tech idiot but was able to clean the coming fan of my laptop. Thanks so much for the instructions! :-) more power to you!

  • Kai Tautjo

    I’m a tech idiot but was able to clean the cooling fan of my laptop. Thanks so much for the instructions! :-) more power to you!

    • Mikhail Nehru Jathan

      Glad I could help, feel free to contact me if you need any more help where tech is concerned

  • Horia Puscuta

    It is called Pavilion, with one “l”…

  • Candice-Sweetheart Stanislaus

    Im a woman I did this ..i took this ish apart installed fan and boom computer is up and running..thank you.

  • toveann

    HELP! Why does my computer beep 3 times when I try to turn it on? I cleaned the fan and did exactly like you instructed and I’m pretty sure I reassembled it correctly. What do I do?